iCatCare Patron Lord Black speaks out in UK Parliament against breeding for extreme conformation

Lord Black, iCatCare’s Patron, shares our concerns about breeding for extreme conformation, such as flat faced or brachycephalic breeds of both dog and cat, or for looks linked to genetic defects which can cause pain and suffering through the cat’s life and used the example of the Scottish Fold.

Yesterday he raised the topic in the UK Parliament and got a good response – there is interest in trying to help these animals and talks are ongoing. International Cat Care will continue to push for change and to provide informed content for the discussions. Lord Trees, himself a vet, added, 'Many people—well-meaning people—keep certain breeds, which, because of their conformation, are so deformed that they will suffer ill health and stres throughout their lives. The popularity of breeds such as the French bulldog and the Scottish fold cat is increasing, partly endorsed by advertising, celebrity endorsement and social media. While it may be difficult to introduce legislation, does the Minister agree that we should do all that we can to persuade people that the keeping of such breeds is not cool?'

To understand the concerns about Scottish Folds go to https://icatcare.org/news/scottish-folds-suffering-their-looks, to understand the issues with flat faced or brachycephalic cats go to https://icatcare.org/news/mounting-evidence-prove-flat-faced-cat-breeds-are-suffering.  

To listen to Lord Black's video and to read his article in the telegraph visit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/14/dark-side-designer-dog-trend-cruel-not-cute/

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