Feline Hypertension Month

Hypertension is a well-recognised condition in older cats, with an estimated incidence risk of one in five from nine years old. Yet it remains significantly underdiagnosed.

The consequences can be severe, with target organ damage typically affecting the eyes, heart, brain and kidneys. 

Some damage, such as blindness resulting from complete retinal detachment, is irreversible. Other damage, however, is more amenable to antihypertensive treatment, highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. However, this presents challenges, particularly as routine blood pressure monitoring is generally performed infrequently in cats.

To guide veterinary practitioners in the clinical management of hypertension in their feline patients, ISFM produced the ‘ISFM Consensus Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertension in Cats’.

Last year, Ceva Animal Health launched Feline Hypertension Month to raise awareness of hypertension and improve the detection and management of high blood pressure in cats.

The campaign will run again in May, with veterinary surgeons being urged to measure their feline patients’ blood pressure from seven years of age and above, as recommended by the ISFM guidelines.

The company will also continue its ‘Mercury Challenge’ throughout 2019 in a bid to increase veterinary professionals’ confidence in measuring blood pressure and identifying feline hypertension.

Since June last year, 128 practices and over 1,000 cats have participated in the challenge. Participating practices will be given the opportunity to win diagnostic tools to help them diagnose feline hypertension.

Veterinary professionals can register via the Mercury Challenge website.

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