Celebrating 100 articles of JFMS Open Reports!

ISFM's new online, open access case reports journal, JFMS Open Reports, has reached a significant milestone, having just published its 100th article!

Launched 20 months ago as a sister publication to ISFM’s flagship Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS), JFMS Open Reports is making a name for itself as the home for high-quality case reports and short case series presenting novel and interesting information, as well as reports containing valuable regional data on feline diseases. All articles are free to access in full and, to date, the journal has attracted over 34,000 downloads.

To follow is a selection of Editor's picks for JFMS Open Reports

Anaphylactic cat







This 14-year-old diabetic cat made a full recovery after suffering a severe hypersensitivity reaction to glargine insulin. This first-ever report of such a reaction, published recently in JFMS Open Reports by authors in New Jersey, USA, serves to warn practitioners of a rare, potential complication of therapy

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