'Cats deserve pain relief too' webinar attracts record number of attendees

A free webinar for veterinary professionals attracted a record number of attendees. Nearly 3,000 registrants signed up to watch 'Neutering in practice: are your anaesthesia, analgesia and surgical protocols up to scratch?' an hour-long webinar presented by feline experts.

The webinar is part of iCatCare’s current campaign 'Cats deserve pain relief too', which has been prompted by a study which revealed that perioperative analgesia following neutering was only given to 33% of cats compared with 75% of dogs, a statistic which iCatCare and its veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), are very keen to change. The webinar, which is still available to watch for free, highlights the reasons why many cats are not receiving postoperative analgesia, and encourages clinics to review their policies on prescribing analgesics for routine neutering procedures.

Claire Bessant, Chief Executive of International Cat Care said of the webinar: 'It is perhaps surprising, but very gratifying, that a webinar on neutering attracted our highest ever number of registrants. Veterinary professionals are keen to ensure that their neutering protocols are up to date, and that the post-operative needs of cats are being met. We hope that the success of this webinar will improve that shocking statistic of only 33% of cats receiving any kind of analgesia post-neutering'.

ISFM runs monthly webinars for all its veterinary members as part of its membership package, which also includes subscription to the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. In addition ISFM runs monthly webinars for ISFM nursing members (a free membership), together with several free access webinars for all veterinary professionals. 


To watch the recent neutering webinar (which is freely available and accessible to all) and to see a list of all upcoming webinars, visit: http://icatcare.org/learn/webinars

For further information on the 'Cats deserve pain relief too' campaign go to: http://icatcare.org/campaigns/cats-deserve-pain-relief-too

For information on ISFM membership visit: http://icatcare.org/isfm


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