Behind the scenes: Christmas Cats Photography Competition judging

Following the success of our annual photography competitions – which have collectively attracted over 12,000 entries from across the globe – we decided to run a Christmas Cats Photography Competition during December to find images for our 2018 Charity Christmas Card Collection which will be sold to raise funds for our work in improving the health and welfare of cats worldwide.

We were searching for seasonal images of cats – whether they were out enjoying the snow, cuddled up and cozy inside or ‘feline’ festive – and were delighted to receive almost 500 fantastic entries from photographers in nearly 30 different countries including Afghanistan, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Peru and the UK. We were also pleased to see only a few images of cats dressed up after our warning that images of cats wearing Christmas clothes or accessories would not be accepted.

The iCatCare judges had the wonderful yet extremely difficult task of deciding on just five winners. However, after much debate the winners have finally been chosen...

The five winners will be revealed on Friday 19th January at 10am (GMT) so keep an eye on your email inbox if you entered and on our social media accounts!

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