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iCatCare and ISFM launch new portal platform: Important information for ISFM members

22nd November 2022

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iCatCare and ISFM launch new portal platform: Important information for ISFM members

What is changing? 

On Monday 28th November, International Cat Care and ISFM are launching a new portal platform for our supporters and members. Over the past few years, we have been listening to your feedback, observing the advances in digital technology and evolving to make better use of our tools to support the charity’s mission.

As a result, our platform will be closed from this date and will automatically redirect to our new platform Our forum site will still be accessible, and we are working on launching a single sign-in to our new portal and the forum as soon as possible, with the goal of creating a single login to access all our platforms in one place.  

Please note that there may be some temporary technical issues as we move over to the new portal.  

Why are you changing the current platforms? 

The previous ISFM members’ platform, which launched at the start of 2018, enabled us to provide an improved membership experience over the previous version. Alongside these improvements, this platform also highlighted, however, the need for a centralised online space that would enable our members, as well as other groups we work with, to gain more from our relationship in a simpler and more convenient way.  

Our new portal is our foundation to build a centralised location that allows us not only to assist the education of our ISFM members but also to offer support and provide resources to wider groups of people working to improve the lives of cats worldwide. The central portal platform will be the location for membership renewals and enrolment on our courses, as well as a hub for our virtual CPD events, webinars, forums and resource libraries. By centralising everything we have to offer, we aim to provide a more engaging and intuitive experience for everyone. 

The new portal is designed to last us for many years to come, allowing us to work seamlessly with a variety of tools and to maintain the flexibility to incorporate new technology as it develops over the coming years. This will help us to ensure that the user experience is as good as it can be for you – our members and supporters. 

We have created a series of short videos to help you get started with logging in and finding key resources, they can be found on this dedicated playlist which we will continue to add to based on the queries we receive.

How do I log in?  

The new platform will be available from Monday 28th November 2022 at  

If you are an ISFM Veterinary Member, or you have a Virtual Congress ticket, you will already be able to access the portal and may have used it to watch the Congress recordings or listen to our new podcast ‘Chattering With ISFM.’ Your current login will remain the same, this site is just being expanded.  

To log in for the first time, please select the ‘reset password’ option from the home page. This will enable you to set a new password and access your account. If you do not receive an email, please select the Register option, and set up a new account. If you have any problems accessing the system, please contact 

We have worked extremely hard to transfer all of the current accounts across to the new system and apologise for any inconvenience caused when accessing your new account. If you are an existing ISFM Veterinary Member or part of an ISFM Clinic and are having trouble logging in to the new platform, please contact our Customer Support team before registering again at 

Additional key resources

For more information on accessing the portal and any of your membership benefits, watch our dedicated playlist of step-by-step videos that walk you through how to access Feline Focus, JFMS and more!

Are there any changes to Nurse Membership?   

We are delighted to continue to offer our free membership for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians. To access your ISFM Nurse Membership benefits, please make sure you have selected the nurse role on your profile. This will ensure that you receive access to the resource libraries for Feline Focus and our webinars (all past and future webinars will be available via the new portal platform). 

What about my account? Will there still be individual and practice membership options?  

Just like our previous membership platform, ISFM Veterinary Members will still be able to have an individual member account or be part of a clinic account.  

As we make the move to our new platform, we are taking this opportunity to update our terminology. Historically, we have offered ISFM Practice Membership, but as of November 2022, we are renaming this ISFM Clinic Membership to align with our ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic Programme. 

Once you have logged into the portal, you will be able to view your accounts and clinics. From this page, you will be able to add a clinic in addition to your personal account.  

We have also taken on board your feedback and made it easier to select which account any purchases are assigned to. The portal’s new centralised purchasing capability will also make it easier to purchase and assign course places and congress tickets to other members of your clinic. 

What if I have an existing subscription? 

For members who currently have an annual membership subscription via card payment, your subscription will simply continue via our new platform as we are continuing to use the same payment provider. 

If you would like to cancel your subscription or update your card details before the next renewal, please contact and the team will be able to help you.  

Unfortunately, due to costs and a lack of customer demand for direct debit payments, we will be unable to support this method going forward. We will reach out to you over the coming weeks if this affects your membership renewal. 

Which payment options are available? 

The new account system in the portal will allow you to make purchases against a personal or business account. We have also included the ability to add VAT details to your account for invoicing and receipt purposes.  

In addition to a standard card payment option, we have built in an automatic invoicing process that enables you to request an invoice that can be paid by card or BACS without accessing the platform. 

Clinics will be able to share payment cards with all members of the clinic to streamline purchasing processes. Card details are managed in compliance with PCI, and a CSC will be required for every transaction. 

Tell me more about adding a role to my profile… 

The portal has the option of selecting a role (e g, Veterinarian, Veterinary Nurse/Technician) as part of your user profile. We have designed the platform to provide you with access to relevant resources, based on your roles. Some of the roles are currently active, and others are to help us determine what we can offer members in the future, so please select all roles that are relevant to you. 

How do I purchase and allocate event tickets and course places?

The new portal enables members to purchase course places and event tickets that can be easily shared with the staff linked to a clinic account. Once a purchase has been made, any unclaimed ticket or course place can be claimed by a member of the clinic with a click. We will also provide a voucher code for each ticket or course place purchased to enable you to share the code with anyone inside or outside your clinic. 

Please note that if you are purchasing an item for yourself, you will need to visit the My Tickets or My Courses area to claim and assign the item to yourself. 

How do I access JFMS? 

To access JFMS online as a member, first log in to the portal at  

From the Journals tab, select the link to JFMS. This will log you in to the JFMS site (hosted by the publisher, SAGE) as an ISFM member. If you do not see the Journal Tab, please contact

Who should I contact about feedback and or support? 

If you require any support with the new platform, please contact and we will help with your queries. 

We value any suggestions you may have to improve the experience for our members and supporters. Please contact, Head of Business Improvement, with your feedback.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these exciting new changes.    

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