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Must you ‘Crush’?

26th July 2020

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Must you ‘Crush’?

We have always felt very uncomfortable about the term ‘crush cage’ to describe a carrier with a panel inside to facilitate intramuscular injections. We don’t want to crush frightened cats! We just want to secure them comfortably in order to administer an anaesthetic injection, usually as part of the neutering surgery in TNR programmes. So we are pleased to announce that our good friends at MDCExports, who manufacture the carrier, have run a successful competition to rename it.

A vet nurse with a keen interest in felines has been named the winner of a national competition by MDC to find a new name for ‘crush’ cages.

MDC, specialists in humane animal handling equipment, have been asking vets and VNs “Must you ‘Crush’?”.

The family-run business has designed, made and sold this type of cages for many years – the purpose of which is to immobilise the cat for a second or so to give an injection (or other medication) without having to physically hold the cat. But MDC have never liked the term “crush” or its connotations, so launched a competition via its social media in June to find a replacement name.

Hundreds of suggestions were put forward including “Skitty Kitty Cage”, “Tiger Tamer”, “Miaow Manager” and “Restrain-O-Cat” – to name a few. A shortlist of five was put to the vote, with the finalists each given passes to the ISFM World Feline Congress, which took place in June, where voting began. The closing date for votes was 1 July, with RVN Jackie Morgans’ “Restrainer Container” coming out on top.

Jackie Morgans RVN

MDC will be using Restrainer Container on all its promotional materials, website and literature, and will be suggesting vets, VNs, vet schools, colleges, wholesalers and distributers use the new name too.

Jackie, who holds the ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing and ISFM Certificate in Advanced Feline Behaviour, said: “It’s great to have a new name for the ‘crush cage’ at last, let alone be associated with helping rename it. I’m really so pleased.”

MDC managing director Kay Gibbins said: “We always promote being kind and respecting animals. We believe the names and terms we give to animal handling equipment and techniques should reflect the same message.”

“It’s not just how we speak about animals and their care here in the UK, we also have to consider how products and their names (and uses) may be misinterpreted in non-English speaking countries. We feel Restrainer Container is clear and translates well. We will be using the name hereon in and hope others will do the same.”

MDC also founded the “Must you Scruff?” campaign in 2017, which encouraged vets and nurses to question the need to routinely scruff cats, and to think of alternatives.

For more information about MDC Exports and their products, see their website:

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