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Linda Ryan to join iCatCare Cat Advocacy team

22nd December 2020

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Linda Ryan to join iCatCare Cat Advocacy team

We’re excited to announce that Linda Ryan, Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behaviour & Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, is joining our Cat Advocacy team from mid-January 2021.

Linda’s background, both as an RVN and an animal behaviourist, sees her bring an expertise to her new position that is so important to iCatCare’s holistic approach to feline welfare. In addition to her work as a behaviourist and an influential animal trainer, Linda has supported the charity by sitting on the editorial board for our nursing journal, Feline Focus, as a member of our pan-disciplinary Feline Wellbeing Panel, and as a valued contributor to many of our educational initiatives.

Dr Sarah Ellis, Head of Cat Advocacy at iCatCare, commented on the appointment by saying.

“We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming Linda to the Cat Advocacy team at iCatCare. Linda has a wealth of experience in both feline mental-wellbeing and physical health and her work is always underpinned with promoting positive behaviours in cats and their people. In her new role, Linda will be helping us to develop our Cat Friendly Initiatives.”

Linda is joining iCatCare at an exciting time that sees growth in a number of new programmes and initiatives, and the organisation will be well served by her experience and Cat Friendly ethos.

Speaking in advance of her new role, Linda said

“As a passionate cat vet nurse & behaviourist, the chance to work with such an amazing team is a wonderful opportunity for me. I love to learn as well as to teach, and – in my clinical animal behaviour work I get to help one owner, one cat, one vet team at a time.  Now, I’ll also be involved in far-reaching, potentially culture-changing interactions aimed at positively influencing cat welfare & human-cat interactions on a broad & grand scale.”


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