Foundation Certificate in Cat Health and Welfare


The foundation certificate is aimed at people who work professionally with cats or interested amateurs who work with cats (in a non-veterinary setting) or people who simply have an interest in learning more about this fascinating species.

Units covered include:

  • Understanding feline behaviour: what makes a cat a cat?

  • Preventative healthcare: parasites, vaccination and general health, how to prevent disease.

  • Nutrition: cats are not small dogs! Specific nutritional requirements of cats.

  • Common infectious diseases of cats: viral, bacterial, fungal infections, what are the signs?

  • Common non-infectious diseases of cats: covering the major organ systems.

  • Feline reproduction: basic reproduction and kitten care.

The course provides a detailed introduction to feline health, welfare and behaviour and should help you greatly improve your knowledge of cats. We would expect the course to be completed in 12 months. 

If you want to acquire a broad knowledge of this fascinating species, whether you work with cats or just love them, then the Foundation Certificate is for you!