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ISFM World Feline Congress 2021 Programme

Three days of stimulating and engaging talks as we take an in-depth look at the path to diagnosis of the cat. A mixture of live and on-demand talks given by over twenty renowned feline experts. It’s a learning experience like no other!

Can’t attend the congress? Everything is recorded and will be available for six months of continued learning after the congress ends.

Please note: our programme is evolving and there are more talks to be announced

The Congress platform timings will adjust and reflect the timezone of an individual’s location and the timezone on their desktop with which they’re accessing the platform.

Live Lectures:

Find out what time the congress starts for you in your country, click here

Friday 25th June 
08:00- 09:00 GMT+1 An introduction to Cat Friendly Principles. Why being Cat Friendly helps cats, clients and staff. Kindly sponsored by Linnaeus Claire Bessant, Sarah Ellis, Sam Taylor, Vicky Halls, Linda Ryan, Sarah Collins & Nathalie Dowgray
09:01 – 9:45 GMT+1 Feline diabetes; Can you achieve remission?

Carmel Mooney

9:45- 9:55 GMT+1 Live Q&A

Carmel Mooney

10:00 – 11:00 GMT+1 Boehringer-Ingelheim: Complex cat cases in daily practice – how to take the pressure off Dr. Angelika Drensler
11:00 GMT+1 ABCD & Boehringer Ingelheim Young Scientist Award  
11:00- 14:00 GMT+1 Lunch / on-demand content released
11:15 – 12:00 GMT+1 Intimate Q&A – Restricted to competition winners only Peter Kook
12:00- 13:00 GMT+1 Live Yin yoga class Kindly sponsored by Purina  Kathy Páez
14:00- 15:30 GMT+1 Interactive discussions: What is going on with this cats pancreas?
Marge Chandler, Sally Griffin & Peter Kook
15:30- 16:30 GMT+1 Zoetis: Behavior as a tool for assessment and management of cat arthritis Margaret Gruen
16:30-17:30 GMT+1

Logical clinical reasoning; why it is the feline vets best friend

Jill Maddison

18:00 – 19:30 GMT+1

The ISFM Cat Pub Quiz!

ISFM team 

Saturday 26th June
08:00- 09:00 GMT+1 Feline Pancreatitis: Where are we now? Kenneth Simpson
09:01 – 9:45 GMT+1 Case studies using logical clinical reasoning; An interactive session Jill Maddison
9:45- 9:55 GMT+1 Live Q&A Jill Maddison
10:00 – 10:45 GMT+1 Elanco: Relocated cats and gifts they bring along Ian Wright, Mike Lappin, Ricardo Maggi, Severine Tasker, Vicky Halls
10:45- 11:00 GMT+1 Elanco: Relocated cats and gifts they bring along  Q&A Ian Wright, Mike Lappin, Ricardo Maggi , Severine Tasker, Vicky Halls
11:00- 14:00 GMT+1 Lunch / on-demand content released
11:15 – 12:00 GMT+1 Intimate Q&A – Restricted to competition winners only

Danielle Gunn Moore

14:00- 15:30 GMT+1 Interactive discussions: GI biopsies; Scope to surgery? And what does the pathologist say?

Kenneth Simpson, Tony Ryan & Melanie Dobromylskyj

15:30- 16:00 GMT+1 Purina Institute: Human allergy to cats – Essential information for veterinarians Andy Sparkes
16:00- 16:30 GMT+1 Purina Pro Plan: Feline Hydration in health and disease Jessica Quimby
16:30-17:15 GMT+1 State of the art: Role of Bacterial in GI/Liver and pancreatic disease in Cats Kenneth Simpson
17:15- 17:25 GMT+1 Live Q&A Kenneth Simpson
17:30-18:30 GMT+1 Hills: Feline Obesity – and Client Communication Marge Chandler
Sunday 27th June
08:00- 09:00 GMT+1 The future of GI disease Kenneth Simpson
09:00 – 9:45 GMT+1 Feline Liver Disease Danielle Gunn Moore
9:45-9:55 GMT+1 Live Q&A Danielle Gunn Moore
10:00 – 10:30 GMT+1

Royal Canin: Managing nutritional challenges in the CKD patient

Esther Bijsmans

10:30- 11:00 GMT+1

Royal Canin: Soluble Phosphorus in cat food

Jen Coltherd & Anne Marie Bakke

11:00- 14:00 GMT+1 Lunch / on-demand content released
14:00- 15:30 GMT+1 Interactive discussions: The Liver enzymes are up, what do I do next? Kenneth Simpson, Sally Griffin, Melanie Dobromylskj & Peter Kook
15:30- 15:45 GMT+1 Ceva: Life in a pandemic: Cat owner perspectives on feline behaviour and wellbeing Sarah Caney
15:45- 15:50 GMT+1 Ceva: Life in a pandemic Q&A Sarah Caney
15:50 – 16:05 GMT+1 Ceva: Cat Friendly Clinics are good for cats, owners and the clinic team. Is it good for business? Alison Lambert
16:05- 16:10 GMT+1 Ceva: Cat Friendly Clinics are good for cats Q&A Alison Lambert
16:10-16:25 GMT+1 Ceva: The Mercury Challenge: Measuring Feline SBP in primary practice in more than 10 000 cats Andy Sparkes
16:25 – 16:30 GMT+1 Ceva: The Mercury Challenge Q&A Andy Sparkes
16:30-17:30 GMT+1 Panel discussion: Renal disease; What does the future hold? Kindly sponsored by Virbac
Natalie Finch, Jessica Quimby & Rosanne Jespon
17:30-17:45 GMT+1 Closing congress/ awards Claire Bessant & Nathalie Dowgray

On-demand Lectures:                                                                   

Friday 25th June 

Imaging the pancreas

Sally Griffin

I think this cat had pancreatitis; What blood tests should I do?

Peter Kook

Is obesity a disease and what are our responsibilities as vets? Kindly sponsored by Virbac

Alex German

Feline middle age spread; preventing and managing obesity in the ageing cat

Kelly Eyre and Georgia Woods-Lee

Practical pancreatitis; pancreatitis cases

Katherine Briscoe

Boehringer Ingelheim: The ever-complex parasitism of cats: Expert insights Professor Donato Traversa
Boehringer Ingelheim: Introducing NexGard COMBO: A simple way to turn every cat into a beast against parasites! Marielle Servonnet
Boehringer Ingelheim: Visits, Vaccines, and Parasiticides: Top Tips to Improve Compliance. Eric Garcia


Saturday 26th June

Feline therapeutics: what makes cats different?

Jill Maddison

Safe GIT surgery; how to cut safely and optimise recovery

Tony Ryan

Management of chronic inflammatory enteropathy in cats

Kenneth Simpson

Therapeutics for GI disease in cats; fact Vs fiction

Kenneth Simpson

Troublesome guts: Gastrointestinal cases

Lara Boland

Purina Institute: Keep the cat, change the care pathway  “a transformational approach to managing Fel d 1, the major cat allergen” E. Satyaraj


Purina Institute: Testimonials on managing cats’ allergens  
Purina Pro Plan: Practical uses of probiotics in cats Silke Salavati
Elanco: Feline CKD: Don’t wait for weight loss Audrey Cook


Sunday 27th June

Avoid these silent but deadly anaesthetic mistakes: Passing gas for the GI diseased patient and more!

Bradley Simon

Let’s get visceral, visceral…pain management under control!

Bradley Simon

Update on Feline Infectious Peritonitis  – Treatment Kindly sponsored by Linnaeus 

Severine Tasker

Management of hepatic lipidosis

Myles McKenna

Yellow Cats: Liver disease case studies

Rachel Korman

Routine Health screening: Insight from the feline healthy ageing clinic

Nathalie Dowgray

Royal Canin: Senior consultation service

Diego Esteban

Royal Canin: Early detection of CKD 

Jonathan Elliott