Scientific programme

Feline Infectious Diseases

We are delighted to have four expert speakers in this field: 

  • Mike Lappin DVM PhD (Parasitology) DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
    Professor of Infectious Disease in the Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, USA
  • Richard Malik DVSc DipVetAn MVetClinStud PhD FACVSc FASM MASID 
    Centre for Veterinary Education, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Jane Sykes BVSc PhD DACVIM
    Professor of Small Animal Medicine at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, USA
  • Séverine Tasker BSc BVSc(Hons) PhD DSAM DipECVIM-CA FHEA MRCVS
    Professor of Feline Medicine, Langford Vets, University of Bristol, UK
  • Francesca Mancianti DVM PhD, DipEVPS
    Professor, Department of Veterinary Science, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Donato Traversa DVM, PhD, DipEVPC
    Prpfessor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo, Italy


Wednesday June 26 – Pre-congress day

17.0019.00IDEXX Symposium 
19.30 IDEXX Reception 


Thursday June 27 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.30Lies, damn lies and test results: Interpreting infectious disease testsMike Lappin
09.3010.00What you need to know: Bacterial culture and susceptibility interpretationJane Sykes
10.0010.30What you need to know: Vaccine regimes – science and pseudoscienceMike Lappin
10.3011.00Refreshments break 
11.0011.45Practical bacteriology: Guidelines for antimicrobial useJane Sykes
11.4512.30More complex than you thought: Toxoplasmois in cats and manMike Lappin
12.3013.45Lunch break 
13.4514.45Squitty kitties: Infectious GI disease in cats and kittensMike Lappin
14.4515.00Comfort break 
15.0016.30Ceva symposium 
16.3017.00Refreshments break 
17.0018.30Hill's symposium 
19.00 ISFM/Hill’s Congress Welcome Reception 


10.0013.00Clinical decision making & heuristics in feline infectious diseasesRichard Malik & Séverine Tasker


Friday June 28 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.45The FIP conundrum: Pathogenesis and diagnosisSéverine Tasker
09.4510.30Complex and curious: The world of feline cryptococcosisRichard Malik
10.3011.00Refreshments break 
11.0011.45Feline haemoplasmas: What’s new?Séverine Tasker
11.4512.30Mysterious mycobacteria: Systemic disease in catsRichard Malik
12.3013.45Lunch break 
13.4514.15What you need to know: Acute infectious URTD (and what’s new)Séverine Tasker
14.1514.45What you need to know: Cutaneous mycobacterial diseaseRichard Malik
14.4515.00Comfort break 
15.0016.30Bayer symposium 
16.3017.00Refreshments break 
17.0018.30Boehringer Ingelheim symposium 
18.30 Boehringer reception 


10.0013.00Case studies in feline infectious diseasesJane Sykes & Mike Lappin


Saturday June 29 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.45The FIP conundrum: Management, treatment and prognosisJane Sykes
09.4510.30FeLV and FIV: What do all the tests tell us?Séverine Tasker
10.3011.00What you need to know: Naso-ocular disease in the catRichard Malik
11.0011.30Refreshments break 
11.3012.00What you need to know: Managing chronic URTD in catsMike Lappin
12.0012.45FeLV and FIV: Management and prognosisJane Sykes
12.4513.30Weird & Wonderful: Emerging feline pathogensMike Lappin
13.30 Afternoon free 


10.0013.00Practical parasitology: Diagnostic procedures, unusual parasites and moreDonato Traversa & Francesca Mancianti


Sunday June 30 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.30What you need to know: Bartonellosis and cat scratch diseaseMike Lappin
09.3010.00What you need to know: Ehrlichia, anaplasma and ricekttsiaJane Sykes
10.0010.30What you need to know: Feline leishmaniasisFrancesca Mancianti
10.3011.15All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask: Lungworm in catsDonato Traversa
11.1511.45Refreshments break 
11.4512.30Diagnostic approach to fever in catsJane Sykes
12.3013.00What you need to know: Toxocara cati in cats and humansDonato Traversa
13.0013.30What you need to know: Aspergillus and other systemic fungal diseasesJane Sykes
13.3014.00What you need to know: Heartworm in catsDonato Traversa
14.00 End