Scientific programme

Feline Infectious Diseases

Join the ISFM team and a host of expert speakers for five days packed with feline-specific CPD. We are lucky enough to have six exceptional speakers – Mike Lappin, Richard Malik, Jane Sykes, Séverine Tasker, Donato Traversa and Francesca Mancianti. Together they will share with delegates the latest research and knowledge on a whole range of feline infectious diseases, providing practical advice on overall approach, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. 

For delegates wanting to gain an even greater level of knowledge and understanding of feline infectious diseases, we are running three masterclasses that can be booked in addition to the main programme.

Our sponsors will also be hosting mini-symposia, covering a range of feline medicine topics and delivered by some of the industry’s best feline speakers.  


Wednesday June 26 – Main veterinary programme

15.1516.00Diagnostic approach to fever in catsJane Sykes
16.0016.30What you need to know: Aspergillus and other systemic fungal diseasesJane Sykes
16.3017.00Refreshment break 
  IDEXX Symposium 
17.0019.00Practical Microbiology: The Secrets to Microbiology Testing and Interpreting ResultsSusan Randell


Thursday June 27 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.30Lies, damn lies and test results: Interpreting infectious disease testsMike Lappin
09.3010.00What you need to know: Bacterial culture and susceptibility interpretationJane Sykes
10.0010.30What you need to know: Vaccine regimes – science and pseudoscienceMike Lappin
10.3011.00Refreshment break 
11.0011.45Practical bacteriology: Guidelines for antimicrobial useJane Sykes
11.4512.30More complex than you thought: Toxoplasmois in cats and manMike Lappin
12.3013.45Lunch break 
13.4514.45Squitty kitties: Infectious GI disease in cats and kittensMike Lappin
14.4515.00Comfort break 
  Ceva symposium 
15.0015.45Clinical case report ‘Jasper’: challenges and controversies in feline UTIsSarah Caney
15.4516.30The Mercury Challenge: It’s time to diagnose cats under pressure! Sarah Caney, Andy Sparkes, Catherine Garelli-Paar, Emilie Guillot
16.3017.00Refreshment break 
17.0018.30Hill's symposium 
19.00 ISFM/Hill’s Congress Welcome Reception 


10.0013.00Clinical decision making & heuristics in feline infectious diseasesRichard Malik and Séverine Tasker


Friday June 28 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.45The FIP conundrum: Pathogenesis and diagnosisSéverine Tasker
09.4510.30Complex and curious: The world of feline cryptococcosisRichard Malik
10.3011.00Refreshment break 
11.0011.45Feline haemoplasmas: What’s new?Séverine Tasker
11.4512.30Mysterious mycobacteria: Systemic disease in catsRichard Malik
12.3013.45Lunch break 
13.4514.15What you need to know: Acute infectious URTD (and what’s new)Séverine Tasker
14.1514.45What you need to know: Cutaneous mycobacterial diseaseRichard Malik
14.4515.00Comfort break 
  Bayer symposium: Feline lungworms: take your breath away!
15.0015.45Aelurostrongylus abstrusus – classical and new diagnostic toolsManuela Schnyder
15.4516.30Cat respiratory nematodes: do various species mean different control options?Donato Traversa
16.3017.00Refreshment break 
  Boehringer Ingelheim symposium 
17.0017.45Preventive healthcare for catsAndy Sparkes
17.4518.30How to engage cat owners in life-long preventive careEric Garcia
18.3018.40ABIA Award 


10.0013.00Case studies in feline infectious diseasesJane Sykes and Mike Lappin


Saturday June 29 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.45The FIP conundrum: Management, treatment and prognosisJane Sykes
09.4510.30FeLV and FIV: What do all the tests tell us?Séverine Tasker
10.3011.00What you need to know: Naso-ocular disease in the catRichard Malik
11.0011.30Refreshment break 
11.3012.00What you need to know: Managing chronic URTD in catsMike Lappin
12.0012.45FeLV and FIV: Management and prognosisJane Sykes
12.4513.30Weird and wonderful: Emerging feline pathogensMike Lappin
13.30 Afternoon free 


10.0013.00Practical parasitology: Diagnostic procedures, unusual parasites and moreDonato Traversa and Francesca Mancianti


Sunday June 30 – Main veterinary programme

09.0009.30What you need to know: Bartonellosis and cat scratch diseaseMike Lappin
09.3010.00What you need to know: Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and RicekttsiaJane Sykes
10.0010.30What you need to know: Feline leishmaniasisFrancesca Mancianti
10.3011.15All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask: Lungworm in catsDonato Traversa
11.1511.45Refreshment break 
11.4512.30What you need to know: Toxocara cati in cats and humansDonato Traversa
12.3013.00What you need to know: Heartworm in catsDonato Traversa
13.00 End