Our welfare work predominantly deals with unowned cats ­– ferals, strays and abandoned cats.

These cats often live alongside communities and may receive some level of human care, be it from cat-loving individuals or local welfare organisations. However that level of care can vary enormously and is dependent on many factors, including how a community views its cats and what welfare and veterinary care is locally available.

At International Cat Care we are there to support the many organisations and individuals around the world involved in cat rescue. And our work is very much hands-on – we are out there, physically guiding, supporting and teaching, putting a genuine understanding of the cat at the centre of what we do.

What is a feral cat?

‘True’ feral cats are born and raised in the wild, typically living in groups called colonies. Ferals often live near to humans, where there is shelter and food, but most remain shy and wary of human contact. Stray and abandoned cats have been born and raised with people, but once abandoned or lost, revert to their wild ways in order to survive. The life of an unowned cat is not easy. Many kittens and young cats die as they are at considerable risk from illness and untreated injuries from fights; they are often infested with fleas and worms, and they are occasionally on the receiving end of human persecution and cruelty.

However these cats also have their allies – around the world there are small but fierecely loyal groups of volunteers, many of whom devote their lives to helping these cats.  It is our job to make sure that these groups are able to access training, knowledge and expertise to ensure that their efforts are as effective as possible in helping the cats which mean so much to them.

How we are helping unowned cats