Beyond cats

International Cat Care’s work is ultimately about cats. However it is important to remember that the effects of neutering and vaccinating unowned cats is not just on cats.

The TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) process protects human health and welfare by:

  • vaccinating against rabies those animals which live in proximity to humans

  • reducing foraging, mating and fighting behaviours, meaning cats cause less nuisance

  • reducing appetite, meaning that cats scavenge less from dustbins (less mess) or require less given food (if they have a feeder)

  • reducing the mobility of feline populations (neutered cats roam less) meaning diseases are less likely to spread

  • improving the visible health of cats, making them more of an asset and reducing any negative connotations from the presence of sick, underweight cats and the poor civic image that can result in

  • the above is also true where cats live around a resort or cafe – their presence becomes less off-putting

  • improving the psychological health of the humans caring for the cats

  • creating a stable, healthy natural barrier of cats which will limit the throughput of unfamiliar unneutered animals