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iCatCare’s first Cat Carer Guide on blood transfusions now available

11th June 2021

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iCatCare’s first Cat Carer Guide on blood transfusions now available

iCatCare is publishing a series of Cat Carer Guides to accompany the consensus guidelines articles that are produced by the charity’s veterinary division, The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), to guide best practice in specific areas relevant to feline healthcare and welfare.

This series of guides offer practical advice and guidance on areas relevant to feline health and welfare to help cat owners and caregivers play their important role in improving the care that cats receive, and the first, on ‘Transfusion of blood and blood products in cats: information for owners’ is now available to download from the iCatCare website.

Blood transfusions are a common procedure in medical practice in which donated blood is used to replace blood lost to injury or surgery or to treat serious medical conditions. As with people, this can be lifesaving, but due to the availability of donors, use has been limited in primary care veterinary practice. However, with the growth of blood banks, the procedure is likely to become more common.

The Blood Transfusion Cat Carer Guide provides the information owners need to consider before their cat donates blood or receives a blood transfusion, including health checks, what to expect if their cat becomes a donor or receives a blood transfusion, and common questions or concerns about the procedures.

More guides are due to be added in the future on pain management and neutering, among other topics, and will be found in the Cat Carer Guides section of the website.

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