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Vanessa graduated from University College Dublin and moved to the mainland UK shortly after to join a practice that had its own cat clinic. She moved to London in 2005 to work at a busy charity cat clinic and rehoming centre with branches in East and South London. Vanessa then worked as a locum in private practice and different charity organisations before taking a permanent position at the PDSA. She now works as a clinical supervisor of final year veterinary students at the first opinion hospital of the Royal Veterinary College. The hospital is a gold standard Cat Friendly Clinic and she is one of the Cat Advocates.

Vanessa originally completed the CertAVP in 2014, taking the small animal medicine modules. She then took the feline medicine modules and subsequently became an advanced practitioner in feline medicine in 2019. She also completed the PG Certificate in Veterinary Education through the RVC. Vanessa has authored multiple articles on feline medicine and environmental needs for non-peer reviewed journals. She is interested in all aspects of feline medicine, particularly geriatric medicine and owner education.


London, LONDON NW1 0TU
United Kingdom

[email protected]

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