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Sarah has a keen interest in the behaviour and welfare of the domestic cat. She has a BSc in Zoology and Psychology from the University of Bristol (UK), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton (UK) and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast (UK) which focussed on investigating ways to improve the welfare of cats housed in rehoming centres. Sarah spent several years at the University of Lincoln as a post-doctoral research scientist working on numerous projects including investigating novel ways to improve feline welfare, and to further our understanding of feline behaviour and the cat-human relationship. Since 2015, Sarah has worked for International Cat Care providing feline behaviour and mental wellbeing expertise. Her current role as Head of Cat Advocacy includes chairing the iCatCare Feline Wellbeing Panel. She also is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Lincoln where she teaches on the MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour programme. She has co-authored a NY Times Best-Selling book with John Bradshaw entitled ‘The Trainable Cat’ which details how training can be used to improve cats’ mental well-being.


International Cat Care Place Farm
Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6LW
United Kingdom

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