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Noema showed her interest in animals and their behaviour from early childhood. Then, she has decided to study veterinary medicine and to devote her life to animal welfare, cats´ in particular. She graduated from University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice in 2016. She has started studying cat social behaviour as a pre-gradual veterinary student and continues in her work in a capacity of the PhD student at the same home university. She conducted her research, focused on intercat play and ways to distinguish it from intercat aggression, in collaboration with University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. She is hosting her own slovak podcast about cats – Mačkast – and in her future work she plans to connect her research with cat welfare-oriented activities in her city and country. She is engaged in the topic of veterinary communication and law as she believes that human behaviour change is crucial for improvement of cat welfare.


Komenského 73
Košice 041 81

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