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Dr Niquet Reid graduated from Murdoch University, Australia, in 2010 and qualified as a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Medicine of Cats) in 2022. She is also currently working towards a General Practitioner Certificate in Feline Practice.

With a love of everything feline, Niquet formed part of the inaugural team at Perth’s first cat-only hospital for 7 years as Senior Associate Veterinarian, as well as performing her own home visit services.

In spending time devoted to caring for her own dearly loved fur babies, Tia and Po, through their very elderly years, Niquet developed a passion for senior and geriatric patient care, pain management and endocrinology (hyperthyroidism in particular). Being able to assist in improving quality of life for geriatric and palliative patients, whilst offering care and support for their owners is a very rewarding aspect of Niquet’s career.

Niquet is currently engaged as the veterinarian for RI-131 treatment of cats with hyperthyroidism in Perth (Western Australia) as well as fulfilling a contractual position as a Scientific Services Veterinarian.

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