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Dr Nilcéia Ramos obtained her Undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, completing her studies in 2012. Subsequently, in 2014, she pursued a Master’s degree in Parasitic Biology at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. She undertook a Residency in Veterinary Medicine at the Federal Fluminense University in 2016.

She achieved a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, specialising in Animal Clinic and Reproduction, from the same institution in 2020. Her doctoral research focused on studies in the field of Feline research. In 2021, she completed a Specialisation in Feline Medical Clinic at the Equalis Institute in Brazil.

Dr Ramos holds AAFP membership and has earned recognition as a Cat-Friendly Veterinarian from the same association. Moreover, she contributes to the advancement of veterinary knowledge as a Professor at the University of Vassouras, where she imparts her expertise in Small Animal Semiology and Small Animal Medical Clinics to aspiring veterinary students.

Currently, she provides specialised care in feline medicine, practising exclusively in a feline-only clinic based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr Ramos’ keen interest in feline behaviour and feline internal medicine underscores her passion for ensuring the wellbeing of her feline patients.


437 Governador Roberto Silveira, Flamengo
Maricá, Rio de Janeiro 24900-440

[email protected]

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