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Linda is a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behaviour, and in Oncology, and an ASAB-accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (for cats and dogs).
She is a passionate Veterinary Nurse, and a welfare-focused animal trainer and behaviourist. Linda spent many years working in general veterinary practice, as well as in university referral clinics, where she specialised in internal medicine, oncology, and welfare-centred nursing – learning from world-leading
veterinary specialists. Through working in these clinics, & with her feline, oncology & critical care patients, Linda developed a keen interest in augmenting the
veterinary-behaviour connection, aspiring to ensure equal consideration was given to physical and behavioural health. This led her on to specialise in cat and dog clinical behaviour work and training; and to integrating behavioural considerations into veterinary care.
Linda currently runs her UK-based business Inspiring Pet Teaching, seeing feline and canine clinical behaviour cases, working alongside veterinary colleagues, supporting caregivers, and providing continuing education for veterinary and training/behaviour professionals. She works with many education organisations, across a range of projects.
Linda is based in the New Forest National Park, and consults on cat & dog behaviour cases virtually across the UK.

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