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Dr. Miranda K. Workman is a member of the ASPCA’s Behavioral Sciences Team. She also serves as faculty in the Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation & Anthrozoology programs at Canisius College where she created the Kittens on Campus project. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of Cat Pawsitive Pro, a shelter-based program focused on improving the welfare of sheltered cats through positive reinforcement training and enrichment.

For over two decades, she has served animals and their humans as a certified animal behavior professional, shelter behavior professional, professor of animal behavior and anthrozoology, and a researcher. Learning from and loving cats has been a part of her professional and personal life thanks to Franz, a wise senior cat whom she adopted at 12 years old when he stole her heart during an unexpected clicker training session. Today, she shares her home with her husband Rick, four dogs, three cats, a leopard gecko, and a small flock of chickens, all of whom contributed in their own way to her PhD research focused on multi-species families.


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