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Graduate from Melbourne University Veterinary Faculty 1998-BVSc.
Practice in mixed practice (Small animal & Equine & Cattle) 1999-2001
Shelter work & small animal Practice (cats and dogs) 2001-2003 Lost Dogs Home Melbourne
2003-Locum work in the UK in small medicine
2004-2005-Small animal inner Melbourne practice
2005-2020-Small Animal & behavior veterinarian, tutor, lecturer at the University of Melbourne teaching Hospital (Uvet)
2013-Memberships in Veterinary Animal Behavior
2021-Publication of research project -A randomized controlled masked clinical trial of two treatments for osteoarthritis in dogs
June 22- Commenced residency in veterinary animal behavior under the  ACVB & employment with Wild Things Veterinary Behavior Services


Wild Things Veterinary Behaviour Services
252 Lower Plenty Road

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