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Emi graduated from the University of Bristol with a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science with honours in 2003. As an undergraduate she intercalated in Veterinary Pathology at the Royal Veterinary College in 2000-2001, with a research project on canine respiratory mycoplasmas. Shortly after graduating Emi became an Intern in Small Animal Veterinary Studies at Glasgow University School of Veterinary Sciences. She then worked as a first opinion small animal vet in Suffolk, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire.

She was awarded a PhD from University of Bristol in June 2011 for research into haemotropic mycoplasmas, an infectious cause of anaemia in animals (including humans). Following a Senior Clinical Training Scholarship at Bristol Vet School she gained European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine status in 2016. She is currently a referral clinician in Small Animal Medicine with clinical and research interests in infectious disease, particularly feline infectious peritonitis and haemoplasmosis.


Langford Vets - Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford House
Langford BS40 5DU
United Kingdom

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