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Elise graduated, with honours, from Colorado State University (1998) and The Royal Veterinary College, U of London (2003). She operates a peripatetic feline medicine and endoscopy/endosurgery referral service (canine & feline) for first opinion and referral practices in SE England. She also operates quarterly referral clinics, and CPD events, in countries throughout SE Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan. She’s received her formal post-graduate training in medical endoscopy and ‘key hole’ surgery from well-known human and veterinary academic institutions based in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and United States.

She currently divides her time between clinical work, teaching/lecturing and publishing within the subjects of feline medicine, endoscopy & endosurgery. She’s lectures for ISFM/University of Sydney Distance Education Course in Feline Medicine, co-lecturer (CE Endoscopy & Endosurgery courses) at Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University, and visiting Professor at Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, in Bangkok. She has a particular passion for delivering practical feline medicine and endoscopy/endosurgery education, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, on a global scale. She’s a recent recipient of the 2018 BSAVA PetSavers Award for her meritorious contributions as a veterinary surgeon in small animal veterinary practice.


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