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Daniela is a veterinary behaviourist, speaker and researcher, based in Brazil. She has loved cats since her childhood and has always been interested in their emotional lives, cognition and their relationship with us. After studying veterinary medicine, began studying animal behaviour and this is when she truly felt she had found the discipline she wanted to continue her career in. She begun research in feline welfare at the Psychology Institute at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and since that time has not stopped learning about the interactions between feline behaviour and veterinary medicine, both through her research and her clinical behaviour consultations. Daniela feels being a vet behaviourist and a researcher allows her to get close to both the owner and cats feelings and thoughts whilst helping people and cats to live happier together. She describes this as one of the greatest things she does in her life and that contributes to making her a very happy person. Daniela lives in São Paulo, Brazil with her 4 cats, 3 dogs and her husband.


PSICOVET Canine and Feline Behaviour and Welfare Centre Rua Inhambu 1080
São Paulo
São Paulo

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