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Audra-Lynne graduated in Zimbabwe in the late 90s and made my way to the United Kingdom where she worked in general practice for 3 years, before pursuing a residency in Veterinary Pathology in the USA and working in Australia for a short while. On her return to the UK Audra-Lynne settled back into general practice and started her feline journey, firstly attaining a GP certificate in Feline Practice then setting her sights on a membership with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, which she completed in 2012. Audra-Lynne has met many amazing colleagues and professionals through this journey and in her work in first opinion practice. She enjoys the spirit of collaboration in the feline community – there is always more to know!

Audra-Lynne’s interests are pathology and infectious diseases, and mentoring.


Kingswood Vets
Sherpa House Kingfield Road
GU22 9EH
United Kingdom

[email protected]

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