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ISFM International Feline Congress


Saturday 8th August 2020
9.00 am


Monday 10th August 2020
5.00 pm




Non-members: Free
ISFM members: Free

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Join us for the world’s first FREE VIRTUAL feline congress for both vets and nurses, opening on 8th August (International Cat Day) and available on-demand until 11th September.

The International Society of Feline Medicine, with support from its partners, is delighted to off this unique event to bring together a community of veterinary professionals from across the world who share a commitment and passion to improve cat care through the sharing of knowledge and experience. It’s our way of supporting the veterinary profession with over 30 hours of FREE CPD in each of the vet and nurse tracks.

As an established provider of high standard veterinary CPD, ISFM normally hosts a European Congress annually. However, because of the problems associated with coronavirus, we cannot hold this Congress. Instead, we will be hosting a state-of-the-art virtual congress for both veterinarians and for veterinary nurses and technicians in two streams of online talks that are open to non-members as well as our community of ISFM members.  The talks will be released over 3 days but will be freely available on-demand on the Congress platform until September 11th.  You will need to register for the Congress to gain access.

What’s on offer?

For veterinarians, it is our pleasure to provide cutting edge lectures from international experts in their fields. Our topics of ethics, analgesia, anaesthesia and critical care cover a range of areas relevant to veterinarians around the globe. Our speakers will present the latest research in their fields, but they will also endeavour to ensure their talks are practical, giving you ‘take-home’ information to apply in-clinic.

Paulo Steagall, Associate Professor of Anaesthesia and Analgesia (University of Montreal) and Lisa Moses Specialist in Internal Medicine, with expertise in pain management and palliative care (MSPCA-Angell, Harvard University) will cover both the assessment and management of pain in cats, as well as discussing their unique anaesthetic needs. The duo of Soren Boysen and Dan Chan, both Professors of Emergency and Critical Care (University of Calgary and Royal Veterinary College respectively) will be discussing a range of topics including point of care ultrasound, nutrition and anticoagulant therapy. As well as a focus on practical techniques and tips for the care of cats in your clinic, we delve into the ethics of veterinary work using Lisa Moses’ bioethics experience and Anne Fawcett, European Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (Sydney University) discusses compassion fatigue and the ethics of advanced veterinary care.

For nurses and technicians, we are also pleased to cover pain assessment and anaesthesia with Professor Steagall, geriatric cats with Lisa Moses and ethical dilemmas specific to veterinary nurses and techs with Anne Fawcett. Additionally, we have two emergency and critical care lectures given by Laura Rosewell and Lindsey Dodd (Vet Technician Specialists in Internal Medicine and ECC respectively). We also have the opportunity to include multiple other speakers and cover a wide range of topics reflecting the diverse roles and importance veterinary nurses and techs have in the clinic. Lectures will be given on behaviour, neurology, dentistry, cytology, respiratory medicine, orthopaedics, endocrinology and nutrition.


The programme

Veterinary Programme

Saturday, August 8
PAULO STEAGALL: The pearls of feline pain assessment
LISA MOSES: Geriatric behaviour changes: is it pain or dementia?
PAULO STEAGALL: Novel therapeutics in feline pain management
LISA MOSES: Why ethics and morals matter in veterinary medicine
LISA MOSES: Understanding and assessing chronic pain in cats
PAULO STEAGALL: Feline sedation, the good, the bad and the ugly


Sunday, August 9
PAULO STEAGALL: Unique challenges in feline anaesthesia
PAULO STEAGALL: Feline anaesthesia enigma: interactive case discussions
PAULO STEAGALL: Kitty magic: anaesthesia for spay-neuter programs
ANNE FAWCETT: Compassion fatigue and moral distress in veterinary practice
SØREN BOYSEN: Abdominal point of care ultrasound for the feline patient
DAN CHAN: Antibiotic stewardship: are you prescribing as you should?
ANNE FAWCETT: The ethics of advanced veterinary care
SØREN BOYSEN: Difficult vascular access in the cat
SØREN BOYSEN: Using point of care US to estimate volume status and fluid responsiveness in cats


Monday, August 10
DAN CHAN: Critical care nutrition: are you doing all you could?
DAN CHAN: Raw food diets and biosecurity: what is the risk?
DAN CHAN: Refeeding syndrome management strategies
SØREN BOYSEN: Differentiating cardiac from respiratory dyspnoea
SØREN BOYSEN: Feline fluid therapy: questions and controversies
SØREN BOYSEN: Complicated diabetics: DKA and hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar syndromes
DAN CHAN: Advanced assessment of coagulation in cats
DAN CHAN: Anticoagulant therapy in cats: what and when?
IOANISS SAVVAS: Triage for trauma: a feline perspective


Nursing Programme

Saturday, August 8
LINDSEY DODD: Critical care nursing for the respiratory patient
LAURA ROSEWELL: Tips and tricks for the cat in the IC
SARAH COLLINS: Nutrition for hospitalised cats: tempting or tubes?
VICKY HALLS: “I’m not bad, I just do bad things!”: Reframing our thoughts on aggressive cat
SARAH ELLIS: I understand you; do you understand me? Feline communication and implications for human-cat interaction
VICKY HALLS: Why does my cat and how do I stop it? What nurses should be telling clients about behaviour
LAURA ROSEWELL: Nursing considerations for hyperthyroid cats
LAURA ROSEWELL: Nursing considerations for diabetic cats
ANNE FAWCETT: Dealing with ethically challenging situations in veterinary nursing


Sunday, August 9
MATTHEW OXFORD: Don’t dread the dental: tips and tricks for nursing dental patients
MATTHEW OXFORD: Just a scale and polish? Common dental conditions of cats
VICKY FORD-FENNAH: Dentistry without the ouch! Anaesthesia and analgesia for dental patients
SORREL LANGLEY HOBBS: Triage of the road traffic accident cat
SORREL LANGLEY HOBBS: Gently does it! Nursing the feline fracture patient
PAULO STEAGALL: The pearls of feline pain assessment
PAULO STEAGALL: Kitty magic: anaesthesia for spay-neuter programs
PAULO STEAGALL: Unique challenges in feline anaesthesia
ANNE FAWCETT: Compassion fatigue in veterinary nurses and technicians


Monday, August 10
TIM WILLIAMS: Just send it off? What can we learn from feline in-house blood smears?
TIM WILLIAMS: What nurses should know about in-house urinalysis.
TIM WILLIAMS: Aspirates and samples, what can be sampled and how?
LAURA ROSEWELL: Cough and sneezes and maybe some wheezes: common respiratory diseases in cats.
SARAH ELLIS: How do we teach cats to tolerate inhaled medication?
DAN CHAN: raw food diets and biosecurity: what is the risk?
MARK LOWRIE: Tips and tricks for neurological examination in cats.
MARK LOWRIE: Handling head trauma in cats – what can you do?
LISA MOSES: Geriatric behaviour changes: is it pain or dementia?


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