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Distance Education Privacy Notice


International Cat Care (iCatCare) is committed to ensuring your personal information is protected. This privacy notice describes how iCatCare, the data controller, collects, uses and protects your information when you contact us about, or undertake our distance education courses.

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Purpose of data collection and processing

We are required to hold some types of information to fulfil our contractual and legal obligations. We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as it is necessary for the relevant activity, or as long as required by UK law. iCatCare needs to hold and process personal data about you for the following reasons:

a) To complete the course registration process;
b) To process any payments and if applicable, shipments;
c) To manage our financial records;
d) To provide support with our courses;
e) To ensure we can fulfil our statutory, regulatory and legal obligations.

How your personal data is collected

iCatCare collects your personal data from the following sources:

From you, typically when you:

  • Interact with us before becoming a student
  • Enrol as a student with us as part of the student registration process on our learning platform
  • Complete our surveys and feedback forms
  • Interact with us during your time as a student
  • Visit iCatCare’s website, including when you register or use our online payment portals or shop.

From third parties such as:

  • Institutions such as your college or employer

Who has access to your data and how is it shared?

Access to your data in our database and systems is limited to iCatCare employees and third party providers for the purpose of maintenance and provision of service. iCatCare does not sell or share your data for use by third parties.

What data do we hold?

The following information is collected when you register for a course:

a) Your name
b) Your address (billing and shipping)
c) Your phone number
d) Your email address
e) Photographs that you upload onto Brightspace
f) Details of financial transactions
g) Amount paid
h) Details of completed courses and results
i) Records of progress/interaction and attendance

When using our learning platform software, you will be allocated a unique ID.

Additional data will be stored and collected via Brightspace. These may include IP addresses of users, any location information contained there, and any actions taken by a user while signed into their account, including a timestamp, which may be stored in an activity log.

Data storage

Your data is stored in systems used by iCatCare to conduct its business. Access to these systems are secure and restricted to iCatCare employees who require it to perform their duties.

Some of these systems used are provided and hosted by a third-party provider who will publish their own privacy policies. iCatCare is committed to reviewing privacy and data protection policies of providers of third-party systems on a regular basis.

Data retention

Your personal data is processed and retained as per this policy for as long as it is necessary for the relevant activity, or as long as required by UK law. We will retain your name, email address and grade information to confirm your course completion.

Updating your data

It is important to us that we always hold the most up-to-date information about you. To update your data held by iCatCare, please email [email protected].

Once a request has been received, it is normally processed within one month.

How do we contact you?

Our communications are normally via Brightspace and email. In some instances, however, we may also contact you by phone or by post.

Unless you separately opted-in to receive our communications, we will only communicate with you in relation to your course.

Rights to access?

You have the right to access the personal and supplementary information held about you by us.
To access the information, please email [email protected].
Information will be provided within one month of receipt.

Rights to erasure?

At the point where we no longer need to process your data in relation to your order or payment, you have the right to ask us to erase your personal data. If you choose to exercise this right, we will delete the personal data held by iCatCare.

We will, however, retain some basic information, more specifically:

a) Your Name
b) Course details and grades
c) Details of the payment
d) Amount paid

Any data that remains on our database(s) can only be accessed by the Distance Education. The Accounts Department will retain any payment information for up to seven years.

To exercise your right to erasure, send us an email at [email protected] You may also request verbally by contacting a member of the Distance Education department, who will confirm your request in writing and pass on your request to relevant members of staff.

Your request will be processed within one month and after having received and processed your request, we will no longer contact you by email, phone, post or any other means.

Right to restrict processing

You have the right to restrict the way in which your data is processed as long as the processing falls outside the performance of a contract.

To exercise your right to restrict processing, please send us an email at [email protected]. You may also make your request verbally by contacting a member of the Distance Education Team who will confirm your request in writing and pass on your request to relevant members of staff. Your request will be processed with one month.

Right to Object

You have the right to object to your data being used for purposes of scientific/historical research and statistics. To exercise your right to object, please email [email protected].

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

iCatCare does not use automated decision making or profiling in the context of offering and managing Distance Education.

Changes to our privacy policies

Our privacy policies are reviewed regularly. Updates will be posted on the iCatCare website.

If we ever make significant changes to the way we process your personal data, we will either clearly highlight this on our website or write to you directly.

If you are not happy how we are using your information or how we have responded to your request, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at