iCatCare Cat Weekend

Cat Weekend

Love cats and want to learn more? Then join International Cat Care and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors for a weekend of fascinating feline talks.

Day 1
Saturday 16th September – 
iCatCare Feline Day  

Day 2
Sunday 17th September – 
iCatCare/APBC Day: Problem behaviour – it’s a team approach

Our expert speakers: 

  • Trudi Atkinson, VN, cat behaviour counsellor and APBC member
  • Sarah Ellis, iCatCare feline behavior specialist
  • Sarah Endersby, iCatCare Veterinary Development 
  • Lauren Finka, University of Lincoln and cat welfare consultant
  • Celia Haddon, author and cat behaviour counsellor
  • Vicky Halls, VN, author, cat behaviour counsellor and APBC member
  • Karen Hiestand, University of Surrey
  • Jamie Rushton, veterinary surgeon and clinical behaviour Specialist
  • Linda Ryan, VN with a special interest in behavior and training
  • Andy Sparkes, iCatCare Veterinary Director
  • Sam Taylor, iCatCare Veterinary Nurse Distance Education Manager


Day 1 – Saturday 16th September 

iCatCare Feline Day 


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From hospital to home – managing and supporting a cat with arthritis
Sam Taylor, iCatCare Veterinary Nurse Distance Education Manager


The super fosterer – how fostering cats can benefit their wellbeing 
Vicky Halls, VN, author and cat behaviour counsellor


Coffee break


The ultimate challenge – a stress-free vet visit 
Sarah Endersby, iCatCare Veterinary Development Manager


Cats and wildlife
Celia Haddon, author and cat behaviour counsellor


Lunch break


Ethical dilemmas – ‘natural mutation’ or a breed too far?
Andy Sparkes, iCatCare Veterinary Director


From hospital to home – care for the cat with kidney disease 
Sam Taylor, iCatCare Veterinary Nurse Distance Education Manager


Tea break


Raffle draw


Ethical dilemmas – outdoor/indoor lifestyles, cat cafes and others 
Karen Hiestand, Teaching Fellow, University of Surrey


Desperate house cats – the less obvious consequences of keeping cats indoors (case studies)
Vicky Halls, VN, author and cat behaviour counsellor



Day 2 – Sunday 17th September

iCatCare/APBC Day: Problem behaviour – it’s a team approach

International Cat Care, working with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, has planned a day with a difference! Instead of the usual conference format, a problem behaviour case (fictional but based on true events) will be presented (see right), shown through the eyes of the people involved in the management of the case. The aim is to show how all the different professions are involved in a case, how decisions they make can influence the case (for better or worse) and how they need to work together to get the best outcome for the owner and the cat. Sarah Ellis from iCatCare will compere the day and there will be input from various experts and discussion during the day.

The case

An owner has two cats, a Korat, aged 13 years, obtained many years ago from a breeder, and a six month old domestic shorthair kitten acquired from a friend of a friend  whose moggy was not neutered in time and was mated by a local stray tom. The owner contacts the vet because the young cat appears to be urinating and defecating outside the litter tray. The vet suggests the in-house nurse takes the case as she has an interest in behaviour and has been to some weekend seminars on the subject. And so the case unfolds to also include a homing centre.


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Part 1: The case is explained using short videos from the owner and different people involved in the case, explaining the decisions they made and what happened. Delegates are asked to note down all the points where they think good or poor decisions have been made or where problems could potentially occur


Coffee break


Part 2: Open discussion with delegate input


Lunch break


Part 3: Case revisited with expert speakers from different professions talking about what their role is in the prevention and treatment of problem behaviour and how the case could have developed differently
Vicky Halls, Jamie Rushton, Linda Ryan, Trudi Atkinson and Lauren Finka


Tea break


Raffle draw


Part 3 continued


Bringing it all togetherVicky Halls


SummarySarah Ellis




The venue

The conference is being held at the newly opened Birmingham Conference and Events Centre which is just outside New Street Station in Birmingham, making rail travel very easy for delegates.

Staying over

The conference centre is attached to the Holiday Inn. Rooms can be booked at the special rate of £94 (inc. breakfast & VAT) using the Group Code: C13 when making your reservation.

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Weekend cost: £140
One day only: £80

Includes refreshments and buffet lunch, CPD certificate of attendance and access to online downloadable proceedings (Saturday only) 2 weeks before the conference weekend.

How to book

Please make your booking via our online registration form

For enquiries about the conference, please contact Nikki Jones on +44 (0)1747 871872

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations MUST be made in writing and will be subject to a £20 administration charge. Cancellations made after 16 August 2017 will not be refunded unless at the organiser’s discretion.