Easy to Give

For so many years cat owners have struggled to persuade their cats to take the tablets and capsules, which have been prescribed to make them better.

Now, thanks to our Easy to Give awards and the efforts of some pharmaceutical companies, giving medications to cats is getting easier.

Whether manufacturers provide drugs in a highly palatable form or introduce a new mode of administration, we welcome their recognition of the problems of giving medicines to cats and providing solutions for owners. Proper compliance with the prescribed dose is vital for safe and effective use of drugs. Without such help owners often fail to complete the course and leave cats inadequately treated.


Award winners


Amflee Combo spot-on solution for cats (and ferrets) from KRKA
This is a combination spot-on containing Fipronil and S-Methoprene effective against fleas, ticks, biting lice and flea larvae and eggs. It also prevents environmental flea burden and has a pipette for ease of use. 

Bravecto for Cats from MSD Animal Health
A spot-on product with active ingredient Fluralaner using a ‘twist n’use’ applicator which treats fleas and ticks and lasts for 12 weeks (most other products only last for 1 month, so less applications are required). There are 3 products for small, medium and large cats.

Thyronorm Oral Solution for Cats from Norbrook
Contains thiamazole and can be used for the stabilisation of hyperthyroidism in cats prior to surgical thyroidectomy and for the long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism. Thyronorm comes as a solution with a syringe to give the product directly into the mouth of the cat. 

Milpro for Cats and Milpro for small cats and kittens
A broad spectrum wormer for protection against most common intestinal worms with two active ingredients (milbemycin and praziquantel).

Effipro Duo Spot-on solution from Virbac
Protects pets from fleas and ticks and from household flea infestations - pyriproxyfen and fipronil combination.
This is a product update of a previous Easy to Give award winner.

Rilexine from Virbac
Cefalexin tablets for oral administration in cats and dogs. A broad-spectrum bactericidal antibiotic and a 1st generation cephalosporin.
This is a product update of a previous Easy to Give award winner.


Amodip Chewable Tablets for Cats (Ceva) – The first ever cat-friendly amlodipine licensed for veterinary use for the treatment of hypertension in cats.

Benazecare 5mg Tablets (AnimalCare) – Act to reduce the protein lost in urine in renal disease and increase the appetite and quality of life of cats with chronic kidney disease.

Noraclav Chewable Tablets for Cats and Dogs (Norbrook) – Contain amoxicillin and clavalanic acid; because antibiotic resistance is a growing concern having routinely used antibiotics in an easy to give and palatable formulation for cats is very important.

V-Gel (Docsinnovent) – A supraglottic airway device for cats which enables a clear airway to be obtained quickly, efficiently and effectively for general anaesthesia and emergency resuscitation purposes without the need for traditional endotracheal intubation.


Prinovox (Virbac) is a new spot-on ectoparasiticide active against fleas, mites, roundworm and heartworm, effective for 4 weeks.

Loxicom (Norbrook Laboratories) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory product containing meloxicam given as an oral solution which can be put on food or given directly into the cat’s mouth.

Vectra Felis (Ceva Animal Health) is a new ectoparasiticide which kills on contact for a month and prevents flea reproduction for three months.

Zodon (Ceva Animal Health) is the first clindamycin on the market to offer a flavoured oral solution for cats; as a commonly prescribed antibiotic it has only previously been available in tablet form.


Efex (Sogeval, part of Ceva) – Brings marbofloxacin tablets in different sizes, which are small and palatable to cats and break easily to help with accurate dosing.

Broadline Spot-on for Cats (Merial) – Combines four active ingredients in one product combing flea and worm treatments in a single topically administered product.

Caninsulin VetPen (MSD Animal Health) – Provides an alternative to the traditional syringe and needle to make giving insulin injections easier, simpler and more accurate for owners of diabetic cats.

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Semintra (Boehringer Ingelheim) – An angiotensin receptor blocker for use in cats suffering from chronic kidney disease. It is an oral solution which is well accepted by most cats.

Activyl (MSD Animal Health) – A flea spot-on treatment for cats using a bioactivation process where the product is converted by flea enzymes into an active form which kills the flea.

Kesium Chewable Tablets (Alstoe Animal Health) – Palatable to cats, it is used in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to amoxicillin in combination with clavulanic acid.


 (Alstoe) - Therios contains the antibiotic cephalexin as a palatable tablet that can be easily split for accurate dosing in cats.

 (Virbac) - A spot-on preparation for the treatment of fleas, ticks and lice. The new transparent pipette prevents spillage and ensures a complete dose is given. An image of a cat appears on each pipette, so that if one is separated from its packaging it is still clear for which animal the product is intended.

 (Novartis) - Atopica is a treatment for allergic dermatitis that comes in solution form and can be given in food or directly into the cat’s mouth. The specifically designed syringe dispenser allows accurate dosing.

 (Ceva) - A spot-on medication for the treatment of fleas and flea allergic dermatitis.


 (Virbac) - A spot-on flea and tick treatment, supplied in a new style of pipette which enables the owner to open the pipette prior to application without the contents spilling

Onsior (Novartis) - A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for the relief of pain and inflammation in cats. The tablets are small and flavoured to be accepted easily by the majority of cats suffering from pain and inflammation due to musculoskeletal disorders.

 (Novartis) - The only ACE inhibitor specifically licensed for the management of chronic renal insufficiency in cats. The tablets are flavoured to encourage cats to take the medication they need.


Clavaseptin (Vetoquinol) - A highly palatable formulation of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid that cats can chew


Vidalta (Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health) - A one-a-day tablet treatment for hyperthyroidism, a common hormonal disease of middle-aged to older cats. Cats suffering from hyperthyroidism need life-long medication to maintain normal thyroxine levels. Until Vidalta, medical treatment usually involved two tablets a day. Vidalta tablets are formulated to release the active ingredient carbimazole, over 24 hours.

Milbemax (Novartis Animal Health) - A combined wormer for cats (ie, treats roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms).  After winning an Easy to Give Award in 2005 for its broad spectrum of action combined with small tablet sizes, the manufacturers of Milbemax have gone one step further and improved the palatability of the tablet.


Convenia (Pfizer)
 - A long acting injectable antibiotic, removing the need to give tablets at all for some conditions – great news for owners unable to give tablets regularly for these specific problems. A single injection may be all that is needed in some situations.

Metacam for cats (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica) - For so long veterinary surgeons and cat owners have wanted an effective form of chronic pain control for cats.  Now that Boehringer has produced Metacam for cats in its palatable drop form, treating arthritic cats has become much easier and drawn attention to this widespread painful problem. This is the first 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug' that has been licensed for long-term use in the cat.

ProMeris (Fort Dodge Animal Health)
 - A new effective veterinary flea treatment applied by the spot-on method.

Rilexine (Virbac) - The potential problems of not completing a course of antibiotics are always a cause for concern. This tablet was found to be palatable among the cats that tried it out. 


Profender (Bayer) - Spot-on solution for roundworm and tapeworm; it comes in three convenient sizes for small, medium or large cats


Advantage (Bayer) 

Advocate (Bayer)

Droncit (Bayer)

Frontline combo (Merial)

Frontline spot-on (Merial)

Stronghold (Pfizer)

Milbemax (Novartis)

Caninsulin (Intervet)

Panacur (Intervet)

Aerokat (BreathEazy)