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Animated cats

01st May 2020

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Animated cats

There seems to be something about cats that lends itself to animation.

When making a list of our favourite on-screen cats, a large proportion were cartoons, or in the case of Bagpuss, stop motion animation.

Below is a selection of our favourites.


Whilst we’d never recommend that cats drink coffee or eat lasagne, Garfield’s take on the world, particularly his attitude to Mondays, has resonated with everyone at some point. Garfield began life as a comic strip, but has featured in numerous films and cartoons.

Garfield has been around for more than forty years in magazines and newspapers, and his timeless humour never fails to raise a smile.

Henry’s Cat 

Voiced by Bob Godfrey, who was involved in the creation of another famous cartoon cat, Custard from Roobard and Custard, Henry’s Cat is a yellow cat that enjoys eating and is prone to flights of fancy that see him getting involved in an incredible series of adventures.

Henry himself never appears in the cartoon, but this is apparently because he moved house and Henry’s Cat forgot to go with him. This lapse in memory repeated itself when Henry’s Cat forgot his own name and thus is simply known in relation to his old owner.

It’s very difficult to choose a favourite episode, but in our opinion, Henry’s Cat’s attempt to reach the moon ranks among the best.


‘The old, saggy, cloth cat’ wasn’t originally meant to be pink. He was envisaged as a ginger marmalade cat, but the company dyeing the materials made a mistake and so his iconic colouring was a happy accident.

Along with his friends in the shop of lost and broken things, Bagpuss looks at whatever item has appeared in the shop that day, from an elephant without any ears, to a ship in a bottle.

Bagpuss was created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate who between them are responsible for some of the best-loved classic British children’s TV programmes.

Top Cat

Top Cat, or T.C. for short, leads his gang of New York alley cats, Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Benny, Brain and Choo Choo, through a succession of schemes to get rich quickly whilst avoiding Officer Dibble.

Whilst always outsmarting Officer Dibble, their plans rarely come good, but there’s always another scheme waiting around the corner…

James the Cat

James is a discerning cat who was left behind by his wealthy owners when they moved away from The Corner House. As the theme tune says, he’s had money and fame, but he has to make do with getting by in the garden with the help of his friends.

He does appeal to his Auntie Maude who lives in a castle in Wales, but she sends him a dragon in reply and he decides that he’s content to live on at The Corner House where adventures with his friends await.


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