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Why do cats have mad moments?

08th October 2018

Why do cats have mad moments?

Cats would naturally spend a great deal of time during the day, stalking and chasing prey or avoiding danger in their adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle of hunting and exploring.

A day in the life of the average house cat doesn’t really include anything very dangerous and energy may not get used up. Suddenly, often without warning, this energy will burst out and your cat will act out a little fantasy role-playing, alternating between the hunter and the hunted, dashing around the house with a flicking tail and widely dilated pupils. This often occurs at times of the day and night when cats are naturally more active, for example at dusk, and it can be triggered by a loud noise, a visit to the litter tray or something quite inconsequential.

Your cat may stare into the top corner of the room before launching itself across the carpet but don’t worry; it’s just using up that excess energy.

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