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Lost your cat?

30th July 2018

Lost your cat?

We understand how distressing it is when a cat goes missing. Do not lose hope; cats have been known to return safely home after several weeks, months and even years. Follow this advice to help improve your chances of being reunited.

Spread the word

Social media is a powerful tool to help find lost cats. Use Facebook and Twitter to post a picture of the cat, a description, where and when it was last seen, and your telephone number. Ask as many people as possible to share/retweet the post. Post on the pages of local and national rescue and rehoming organisations too – if anyone finds your cat they may get in touch with these organisations. Many places have a local Facebook page, where people post things relevant to the area; post on these pages too.

Speak to people in the local area, such as neighbours and staff in local shops and pubs, to find out if anyone has found a cat.

Ask neighbours and people in the local area to check their sheds, garages, cars, cellars, cupboards etc. It may be that your cat found somewhere nice to sleep but became shut in. If the cat is injured, he or she could be hiding in a hedge or shrub etc – ask neighbours to check their gardens too.

Check within your own property, including the garden and any outbuildings eg, garage, shed, that your cat is not hiding or has not become trapped in anywhere or that it is hiding.

Phone around local rescue/rehoming centres and veterinary practices. A lost cat may be handed into these places

Put posters up in the local area, with a picture of the cat, description, where and when it was last seen, and your contact telephone number. Ask to place these on local notice boards and in shops and pubs to increase your reach. You could also deliver these to surrounding households.

Go online – there are websites where you can provide details of your missing cat, and search records of cats which have been found and registered on the site. Type ‘missing cat’ into a search engine and such pages in your country will be listed. Examples include in the UK and in the USA.

Try calling your cat at night when it is quiet and so they have more chance of hearing you and you have more chance of hearing them responding. Walk around the neighbourhood calling them.

Microchipping is really important so that if your cat does go missing, it can easily be reunited with you if it is found.

Good luck, we really hope that your cat returns home safe and sound soon.

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