Closure of the FAB Boarding Cattery Listing Scheme


At the FAB* AGM on 16th October 2010, the Chairman announced that the charity trustee directors had made a strategic decision to close the Boarding Cattery Listing Scheme. The board had been discussing this as part of a strategic review of the charity, taking a fresh look at their activities, the economic environment, new developments and opportunities, risk assessment and, of course, finances.

The Listing Scheme had been labour intensive and the charity has been funding it for many years. More sophisticated accounting mechanisms have enabled the charity to look at apportioning costs in a much more realistic way.

Getting the message of choosing a good cattery out as widely as possible to cat owners and providing information for those wishing to start a boarding cattery will continue. The charity will now focus on raising awareness of the needs of cats in boarding catteries, reach a wider audience of both catteries and cat owners and to influence cattery licensing legislation in order to increase the number of cats we help in this way. We will continue to provide advice, information and support but use the limited resources in the office to take these other issues forward by:

  • Promoting best practice – especially in relation to management and cat care boarding catteries
  • Working with other organisations to update CIEH/BVA/LGA Guidelines to raise standards for all catteries by influencing those who grant licences
  • Developing cat owners' ability to choose better catteries
  • Building on the knowledge and expertise of the listed catteries
  • Developing education and reference materials for cattery owners and their staff
  • Adding more information on cat care and management to an updated boarding manual as this is where our expertise lies. This will help all cattery proprietors coming new to the job
  • Developing distance learning courses. There will be one for boarding catteries – we are currently running courses with veterinary nurses on feline friendly practice and it is making a great difference to what they do on a daily basis – they can also study in their own time.

The List of catteries will continue on the website until 2014 although any current listed catteries that change hands will be removed as there will be no future inspections. However, those who are listed are now self-certified. We still encourage cattery clients to send in their feedback.

* International Cat Care was formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)

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