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Caring for your cat’s eyes

11th March 2019

Caring for your cat’s eyes

Applying eye drops to your cat’s eyes

On occasion, you may be prescribed eye drops or eye ointment for your cat. Applying drops to a cat’s eyes is not always easy – see our video which walks you through the process.

Cleaning your cat’s eyes

Generally, you will not need to clean the area around your cat’s eyes. However, if you have a cat with a very flat face, eg. a Persian cat, it may well have eyes which water constantly which will need wiping on a regular basis.

Gently wipe with a cotton wool ball dampened with clean water or a little baby oil. Use a separate ball for each eye and dry with a soft tissue.

Great care should be taken not to touch the eyeball – this will be painful and your cat will try to avoid the experience next time.

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