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Each year, we run a very popular photography competition. The wonderful winning images from the competition are then used to feature on charity merchandise to raise funds for International Cat Care.

Photography Competition 2020: The Six Stages of Cats 

For the competition this year, we explored the six different life stages of cats, from kitten to super senior, with the theme of ‘The Six Stages of Cats’. This meant that all cats were suitable subject matter and it was a great opportunity for photographers to get creative with their pictures. The judges are looking forward to seeing some behaviour you might not associate with the life stage, for example, super senior cats playing with toys.

Pictures of cats from all six life stages, kitten, junior, adult, mature, senior and super senior, were requested and entrants were asked to enter the life stage of the cat in the photo, or at least an estimate when submitting their pictures. To help in determining the life stages of cats, iCatCare have created this poster that shows the life stage alongside the cat’s age and the equivalent human age. More information can be found here.

There will be twelve winning images selected by the iCatCare judges that will feature in charity merchandise which will be sold to raise funds for the charity’s work. One of these images will be crowned the overall winner. All twelve winners will receive a certificate and a selection of iCatCare merchandise, whilst the overall winner will also receive £500 in prize money.

The competition is now closed, having run from 4 May to 1 July 2020. Winners will be announced on iCatCare’s social media accounts shortly after.

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Photography Competition Terms and Conditions

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