Welfare Advisory Panel & Teams

Welfare Advisory Panel

Our welfare panel comprises a group of cat friendly professionals from across the veterinary, charity and academic fields, who guide our cat welfare work with special emphasis on contributing to written materials, guidance, and overall direction.

Within this group we are fortunate to have access to high quality knowledge and experience in shelter medicine, charity management, feline behaviour and counselling, legislation and law enforcement. Our Panel meets up to four times a year but individual panel members will also assume responsibility for extra writing, research, and other input.

Our work is all the more effective for their involvement, and helps us to ensure that an understanding of the cat is at the heart of what we do.

  • Vicky Halls
  • Karen Hiestand
  • Jenny Stavisky
  • Kim Horsford
  • Kevin Cope
  • Lauren Finka
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Chris Laurence
  • Peter Neville
  • James Yeates
  • Claire Bessant
  • Andy Sparkes

Key volunteers 

These are volunteers who have given a significant amount of their personal time to support us and the local organisations we are working with in a variety of ways, not just specific to the veterinary field. By actively working on projects relating to cat welfare, often involving an extended time away from home and sometimes in difficult local conditions.

Without our project volunteers, not only would we simply be unable to fund and thus carry out the work we do, but more significantly, we could not access the breadth of experience, knowledge and expertise they give to us. Many put their own personal lives on hold for a period of one, two or three weeks each year, often incurring costs to do so.

  • Nathalie Dowgray
  • Victoria Crossley
  • Vicky Halls
  • Julie Meredith
  • Rachele Follini
  • Kate Shervell
  • Anna Schumann
  • Harry Eckman
  • Georgina Winston
  • Jenny Stavisky
  • Emily Newbury
  • Miranda Luck
  • Nikki Lee
  • Margarida Simoes
  • Nikki Gaut
  • Emilie Pennau
  • Aga Zoltowska

Key local charity contacts

Our projects require the support and collaboration of local animal welfare societies on the ground to be effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Within each location and each organisation, there are inevitably those individuals who take on a huge burden in facilitating the work of our staff and volunteers when we visit. Often this work is not fully appreciated by their local colleagues nor comprehended here in the UK where the highlights of a project are seen but the sheer logistical hard work behind it are not.

Many of these kind and talented people do so as full volunteers, or way in excess of their paid hours if they hold a paid role – putting their own lives on hold for a week or more to look after International Cat Care’s staff and volunteers – enabling us to focus the maximum amount of time possible on our core task.

  • Irini Molfessi, Greece
  • Sofia Tzoniki, Greece,
  • Florbela Brisida, Portugal
  • Cristiane Lima, Portugal
  • Jose Rumano, Portugal
  • Maria Teixera Pinto, Portugal
  • Ammar Ibrahim, Sudan
  • Mysoon Osman, Sudan
  • Sara Latif, Sudan
  • Selma Mohammed, Sudan
  • Amel Bakhit, Sudan
  • Ahmed Ashria, Sudan
  • Riham Elsafi, Sudan
  • Richard Itaba, Tanzania
  • Thomas Kahema, Tanzania
  • Agnes Dufau, Spain
  • Ilona Otter, India
  • Nigel Otter, India
  • Maggie Dwyer, Ireland
  • Jim Dwyer, Ireland
  • Emilie Pennau, Ireland
  • Audrey Furlong, Ireland
  • Hilary Bartley, Ireland
  • Brigita Kymantaite, Lithuania

And many others who make doing what we do possible with their support.