Veterinary Advisory Panel and Committee

International Cat Care’s Veterinary Advisory Panel consists of leading feline experts, brought together to exchange information on the latest developments in feline medicine, with the aim of providing answers and advice for those in the front line of veterinary practice.

The core group of the Veterinary Advisory Panel consists of current and past International Cat Care (previously FAB) funded post holders. Additionally, well-known names such as Andy Sparkes, Tim Gruffydd-Jones and Danièlle Gunn-Moore, who contribute to the work of the panel as key opinion leaders in feline care.

The panel is also available to assist marketers from animal health companies, and other organisations, to clarify and inform on clinical issues, to advise on practitioner behaviour and to help identify market opportunities – whether as a group or as individuals. For market research purposes, the panel can also operate as a dedicated focus group to field a wide variety of consumer questions on feline behaviour, ownership and disease patterns.  

The Panel 

  • Vicki Adams
  • Lara Boland
  • Sarah Caney
  • Martha Cannon
  • Julie Cory
  • Charlotte Dye
  • Tim Gruffydd-Jones
  • Danielle Gunn-Moore
  • Yaiza Forcada
  • Darren Foster
  • Pru Galloway 
  • Andrea Harvey
  • Angie Hibbert
  • Mark Jackson
  • Rachel Korman
  • Michiel Kraijer 
  • Amy Mackay  
  • Nicki Reed
  • Suzanne Rudd
  • Anita Schwartz
  • Kerry Simpson
  • Andy Sparkes
  • Maud van de Stadt-Gould
  • Sev Tasker
  • Sam Taylor
  • Sheila Wills


  • Danielle Gunn-Moore
  • Richard Malik
  • Albert Lloret
  • Sarah Caney
  • Irene Vindenes