Behavioural Advisory Panel

Understanding cats is crucial to the care they receive, which is why International Cat Care has joined forces with some of the top feline behaviourists, in the form of our Behaviour Advisory Panel. 

The panel meets several times a year to combine expertise and work on a wide range of behaviour issues. Their input has been invaluable in our cat friendly clinic campaign, our cat welfare guidelines, and in the production of much of our general cat care advice. 

The panel

  • Claire Bessant
  • Jon Bowen
  • Rachel Casey
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Robert Falconer-Taylor
  • Lauren Finka
  • Vicky Halls
  • Sarah Heath
  • Kim Horsford
  • Daniel Mills
  • Peter Neville
  • Francesca Riccomini
  • Roger Tabor
  • Nicky Trevorrow