iCatCare turns 60!

2018 marks International Cat Care's 60th anniversary!

Founded in 1958, International Cat Care has been working hard ever since towards our vision that all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding. Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted and respected cat charities in the world, helping cats through education, advice and training for everyone from veterinary professionals to cat owners.

The video below sums up some of the amazing achievements of the charity over the last 60 years:

We will be marking this very special year with several projects and events, which you can read about below.


Our history

For six decades we have been pushing for a better understanding of cats and for advances in feline veterinary medicine and welfare. We have come far and you can read all about our history here. There is still much to achieve and you can read about some of our forthcoming activities below.

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Our 60th anniversary projects

Helping unowned cats

International Cat Care has worked for 60 years to create a different world for cats, where knowledge of health issues has led to vaccines, treatments and a desire to improve the care of cats in ways unrecognisable all those years ago. Now we wish to turn our considerable efforts to look at unowned cats, the welfare of which has not really changed a great deal in those 60 years. We believe the time is right to help unowned cats, and we have the expertise to help, treating the underlying causes and creating sustainable solutions rather than a sticking plaster on the problem.

> Read more about how we hope to make that change.

International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats

International Cat Care’s new International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats is an important document defining best practice for governments, local authorities, vets, charities, breeders, cat owners and other individuals working with cats. It emphasises the need for all these groups of people to work together, and provides a tool to those trying to persuade the authorities that a coordinated approach will make a difference. International Cat Care is encouraging everyone to sign the Declaration and demonstrate their support for improving the lives of unowned cats, as well as the development of collaborations and shared responsibilities for all cats. You can sign the Declaration here.

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Cat Cocktail Parties – putting the fun into fundraising!

Fancy fundraising for International Cat Care? We have come up with a fun new way you can raise money for us – by holding a 'Cat Cocktail Party'. We have developed a party pack designed to help you hold a fun feline event. These events are perfect for all cat enthusiasts and will work just as well hosted at home or within a vet clinic. The party pack includes a fun cat quiz, cat props, and nine delicious cocktail recepies, which include meowgaritas, mogitos, and paw star martinis! The parties are a chance to gather friends or clients for a fun evening which will raise all important donations for International Cat Care.

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