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Top Tip: Create a cat castle!

28th April 2020

  •   Top Tip Tuesday
Top Tip: Create a cat castle!

Here we provide you with top tips on building a special place for your cat

With many households a bit busier with everyone currently at home more (thanks to COVID-19), your cat may need a few more places of its own to seek some solitude. One thing we know is cats love boxes and these can be easily used for playing, hiding and resting. So, if you have deliveries coming, save the boxes and make your cat its own new special place.

Save up your boxes from delivery

Things you will need

Get designing – this is a great activity to do with children in the household

Make sure the boxes have entrances big enough for your cat to comfortably enter and exit. If you have more than one cat in the household, it is a good idea for each box to have two openings so one cat cannot block the access in or out for another.

Fill boxes with comfortable bedding

When joining boxes together, make sure you use something strong to join them together such as packing tape. Can you think of different functions for different boxes, eg, one for resting, one for playing in, maybe even a puzzle feeder attached? Cats also like to be off the ground. Can you make a raised bed using boxes? Remember it needs to be stable for the cast to enjoy it.

This creation includes a higher-level puzzle feeder for dried food, and resting place and a lower-level hidey hole for rest and play.

This homemade cat castle has been placed on a raised table which is covered with a blanket to provide more raised surfaces to explore and giving a hiding place under the table too.

Children can decorate the boxes with stickers and felt pens or coloured pencils. Since some cats recognise 2D images of cats as if they were real, it is best to avoid drawing life-sized cats on the boxes. How about drawing things your cat likes instead?

Don’t have any boxes? Do not worry, find a shelf you could clear, provide cosy bedding within it and make your cat a new raised resting place!

Placing treats in your cat’s new places can encourage them to visit and explore them.

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