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Five key benefits of being Cat Friendly

06th December 2019

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Five key benefits of being Cat Friendly

At the start of the year, we shared advice on becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic to help veterinary practices make a change for 2019.

A huge congratulations to the >300 new practices (and counting) that have been accredited this year!

During December, we’re recapping our advice to give practices that are looking to become Cat Friendly a head start ready for 2020.

Here’s why you should begin your Cat Friendly Clinic journey:

Five key benefits of being Cat Friendly

  • Learn about cats and their behaviour with access to detailed and comprehensive resources
    • Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to raise the standards of their care, health and welfare in your clinic
    • Find practical solutions to the problems you face when taking care of your feline patients
  • Reduced stress for cats, clients and veterinary staff
    • Cats – by reducing stress you can not only improve the cat’s welfare but also support disease diagnosis as well as recovery from illness and surgery
    • Clients – with less stress and a more positive experience they’ll be more willing to come back to (and recommend!) your clinic – benefiting their cat’s health and strengthening your relationship with them
    • Veterinary staff – less stressed cats are happier and more relaxed making them easier to examine and treat reducing the risk of team members being scratched or bitten. Reduced stress can also increase the accuracy of examination findings, (consequences of stress include altered behaviour, clinical and lab findings) making diagnosis easier
  • Boost business and gain new clients
    • In an increasingly competitive market, cats undoubtedly offer an important way forward. The vast and increasing size of the pet retail market indicates the enormous potential available to those veterinary clinics that are willing to engage with active, new and lapsed clients. Cats really do mean business
    • Accreditation enables your practice to be listed on the Cat Friendly Clinic website, where owners can search for a CFC near them
    • Free materials including window stickers, certificates and posters are available once the clinic is accredited, as well as marketing materials and content such as a CFC logo, social media posts and press examples
  • Increased job satisfaction
    • With the right training and knowledge you’ll know that you’re doing your best for your feline patients
    • The programme offers opportunities for staff to take on extra responsibilities eg, as a Cat Advocate for the practice (and there’s a badge!)
  • Become part of a global initiative
    • Join over 2000 Cat Friendly Clinics and Practices* in over 30 countries
    • Helping cat owners with all aspects of the clinic visit, and engaging them more effectively can make a huge difference to what they are prepared to do with preventive care. Making clinics more ‘cat friendly’ is the first, but critical, step to provision of wider healthcare for cats

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you started your cat friendly journey?

Visit to find extensive resources to help, inspire and guide you through all aspects of the programme.


* The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) license the programme from ISFM, as Cat Friendly Practice in North and South America

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