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Saturday 24 October, 2015

Burlington Hotel, Birmingham, UK

This year we are taking our annual International Cat Care Conference to Birmingham, to the Burlington Hotel. This central location and close proximity to the busy Birmingham New Street train station will allow more cat lovers from all over the UK to attend what is going to be another fascinating conference day. The conference, which is kindly sponsored by Ceva and Agria, is aimed at veterinary nurses/technicians, cat professionals and enthusiastic and curious cat owners.

This year the conference will cover something behavioural, something veterinary and something new, as well as take a look at International Cat Care's new 'keeping your cat safe' campaign (kicking off in July 2015). To find out more, please take see the programme below.

The programme

This year's conference will include talks on 4 different topics:


  • Cats and babies - how cats are affected by a new baby, how to keep both the cat and baby safe and how to smooth the transition from a baby-free home to one which, if only for the first year or so, will be focused seriously on the baby.
  • Obesity - looking at obesity from a behavioural perspective, providing us with some interesting insights into not just our cats, but into our own contributing behaviours.


  • Cat friendly handling - top tips for feline friendly handling. These tips are ideal for practises who wish to become more cat friendly but the principles can be used wherever cats are handled.


  • 'Tom and Jerry syndrome' - a look at a brand new syndrome recognised in cats called FARS (feline audiogenic reflex seizures) or 'Tom and Jerry syndrome'.
  • Hypertension in cats - just like humans, cats can suffer from high blood pressure. Learn more about this condition, the health consequences of leaving it untreated and how to best manage stress in order to gain a true blood pressure measurement.
  • Improving the welfare of confined cats - find out about the ideas behind, the aims of and the results so far of a new traffic light system, which has been developed to help homing organisations assess the health and wellbeing of confined cats.

'Keeping your cat safe' campaign

International Cat Care will be launching a 'Keeping Your Cat Safe' campaign in July, working with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and Agria Pet Insurance. To kick it off and set the scene, there will be two talks on this at the conference:

  • Common poisonings: find out which poisonings are most commonly reported to VPIS and which tend to be more obscure
  • Learning from insurance claims: take a look at pet insurance data to see what we can learn from the types and causes of claim which come in – are there things we can prevent?


10.00-10.15Introduction and International Cat Care review
Cats and babies – keeping both safe

Sarah Ellis
International Cat Care


Top tips for feline friendly handling

Martha Cannon
The Oxford Cat Clinic

11.15-11.45Coffee break 
‘Keeping Your Cat Safe’ campaign: learning from
insurance claims

Simon Wheeler
Agria Pet Insurance


‘Keeping Your Cat Safe’ campaign – cat poisonings

Nick Edwards
Veterinary Poisons Information Service

13.00-14.00Lunch break 

Tom and Jerry syndrome (audiogenic seizures)

Mark Lowrie
Davies Veterinary Specialists


Cats and obesity – a behavioural perspective

Sarah Ellis
International Cat Care

15.00-15.30Coffee break 

The pressure's on - hypertension in cats

Martha Cannon
The Oxford Cat Clinic


International Cat Care's Cat Friendly Homing project (using the Cat Traffic Light Assessment for monitoring health and wellbeing, and the Lincoln-Cat Assessment Test for sociability and owner matching)

Lauren Finka and Vicky Halls


The venue

The charming and historic Burlington Hotel, Birmingham, is found amid the stunning architecture of the city's beautiful New Street. It's cental location means it is right at the heart of one of England's biggest and most exciting cities, where there's a myriad of great things to do if you chose to stay over night or spend the weekend enjoying what is on offer.

If you wish to find out more about the hotel or book yourself a room, please visit the Burlington Hotel website

Booking a place


The cost of attending is:

  • Standard rate: £70.00
  • Charity rate: £50.00


Enquires to:

Kathryn Myers


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